Untold Festival 2023 Breaks All Records

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Untold Festival 2023 Breaks All Records

The Untold Festival breaks every record, surpassing its previous benchmarks, which were also national records. This year, over 420,000 people from over 100 countries attended the festival in Cluj. For comparison, last year saw about 360,000 attendees. Additionally, the concert by the American band Imagine Dragons attracted around 70,000 people at Cluj Arena. It was the most attended concert in Romania in the last 25 years. The all-time record is held by Michael Jackson, who gathered 90,000 people in Bucharest in 1992. Robbie Williams‘ concert at Untold in Cluj in 2019 had almost 70,000 attendees.

200 Fans Join Armin van Buuren on the Mainstage

Music can do what words cannot. The last day of Untold was another memorable day for over 100,000 fans who were invited to discover the Untold Universe and merge reality with fantasy. The eighth edition of the festival wouldn’t have been legendary without one of the most beloved DJs, who has been here since the first edition in 2015 – Armin van Buuren. Armin returned home, awaited by tens of thousands of fans who stood with him until sunrise. For five hours, fans experienced a spectacular live set. Sam Martin, a Grammy award-winner, was one of the surprises Armin had in store for festival-goers. The American artist performed live “My Wild Wild Son“, “Miles Away“, and “Mask“.

A perfect voice from another world and a constantly reinventing DJ were the ideal ingredients for a journey through electronic sound. The Dutchman, who has been in the top five DJs globally for 21 consecutive years, managed to establish a special relationship with Untold Festival fans during every live appearance at Cluj-Arena. This was true for the final night of the festival as well.

Ecstatic dance ruled from start to end

Israeli artist Noa Zulu seems almost surreal, perhaps due to her signature instrument, the didgeridoo, which produces sound through a circular breathing technique. This allows her to generate resonating sounds. Cluj Arena experienced an audio first – a mix of psy-trance and the unique didgeridoo. An exclusive version of “The Tribe” was another gift from Armin van Buuren and his guest, Noa Zulu.

Over 200 fans of the Dutch DJ had the privilege of being on the UNTOLD mainstage throughout the set. Emotion, joy, and ecstatic dance ruled from start to end. Armin van Buuren visited Romania accompanied by his wife, Erika.

David Guetta’s Emotion

The final night was dedicated to the biggest names in electronic music. David Guetta, one of the world’s top DJs and creator of the Future Rave style, amazed fans from over 100 countries with an emotional, incredible show. He expressed his gratitude for the moment he was experiencing on the festival’s main stage, saying, “It’s unbelievable! I’ve been here since the first edition and was impressed, but today I’m living this beautiful madness with you! Untold has grown so much. I love you, appreciate you, and thank you for being with me tonight”.

For 60 minutes, the tens of thousands of fans at Cluj-Arena were taken on a roller-coaster of sounds, from classic tracks like “Love Is Gone“, “I Got A Feeling“, and “Titanium” to the newest songs such as “Something To Hold On To“, “Lost in The Rhythm“, “Permanence“, and “You Can’t Change Me“. These generated total euphoria and conveyed the Frenchman’s love for music and Untold fans. The american artist FERG, visiting Romania for the first time, kept fans at Cluj Arena entertained despite weather warnings. It rained, but fans danced in the rain.

The biggest festival I’ve been to so far

This is the biggest festival I’ve been to so far. Romania, you’re incredible! UNTOLD, keep doing what you’re doing, I learned a lot from you tonight. Thank you!“, said FERG, who went into the crowd to personally thank fans for their support.

Olly Alexander from Years & Years greeted fans in Romanian during his first appearance at Untold, saying, “Good evening, Cluj! I love you and thank you!” With incredible energy, the British artist invited fans to sing along to the hits like “Take Shelter“, “King“, “Desire“, and songs from their latest album “Night Call“.

Another DJ from the final day’s lineup, Fedde Le Grand, visited Untold with his wife. The Dutchman emotionally confessed, “Every time I come to Untold, I cherish this unique connection. This is what makes the festival extraordinary.

The only thing that matters is love

Each of the four festival days was exceptional for fans who enjoyed every artist on the main stage. This Untold was unlike any before.

The live performance of Imagine Dragons was otherworldly. It was a journey into a world where the only thing that mattered was the connection between people, music, and emotion. In that created world, all barriers between artist and audience disappeared. The band members gave their all on stage, and Dan Reynolds‘ impressive voice brought emotion and authenticity to each song. Tens of thousands joined in, creating a truly magical moment. There was emotion in the crowd and on stage. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, was overwhelmed by the energy of the Untold fans, saying, “We love you! Thank you for this moment and for being together. The only thing that matters is love, and you’ve given it to us!

The live performance by the U.S. artist Bebe Rexha was one of the firsts offered by Untold creators to the festival’s fans. A three-time Grammy nominee known for her powerful voice and musical originality, Bebe Rexha thanked fans for the warm reception at Cluj-Arena, saying, “I’m so far from home, but being here now is a joy. I love you, and I’m so happy we’re together!”

The Fans are the Attraction of the Festival

The official opening ceremony of the Untold Festival provided fans with a special show by the DJ ranked 4th in Top 100 DJ Mag, Alok. “DJs are the last attraction of the Untold Festival, the biggest attraction are the fans”, stated the brazilian. With an energetic live set, Alok took the festival fun to another level. The world’s number 1 DJ, Martin Garrix, created massive euphoria at Cluj-Arena. The dutchman’s live set was pure energy from start to finish. Whether it was remixes created specifically for the Cluj show or new productions, Garrix expressed gratitude to his Romanian fans.

The gates of the Untold universe closed on the eighth chapter of this magical experience, but the journey continues. Untold fans can register for the 2024 edition of the festival here.


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