TOMiGOTTi: The Triumphant Return of a Dance Music Visionary

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Rising Italian-born musician and producer, TOMiGOTTi have the triumphant return of a dance music visionary. He’s making waves from his Innsbruck, Austria base. Hailing from Bolzano/Bozen in South Tyrol, he first discovered his love for electronic music at the age of 13. During a period when Italian-Dance music was topping the charts, he initially made a name for himself as “DJ Tom,” a sought-after special guest performing at clubs and parties.


However, life’s responsibilities soon took precedence, causing his music aspirations to be temporarily shelved. Tom completed his education and entered the workforce, but his burning desire to create his own music never waned.

Over two decades later, at 40 years old, TOMiGOTTi finally surrendered to his true calling and began producing music. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Kygo, Robin Schulz, Avicii, and other dance music legends, he realized his dream of crafting original tracks.

From DJ Tom to TOMiGOTTi

TOMiGOTTi, a self-professed connoisseur of plug-ins, holds the expertise and acumen to carve out his unique niche in the industry. His capability to craft plug-ins is a testament to his skill and proficiency, but he acknowledges that song production is a different ballgame altogether. It demands not only a deep reservoir of talent but also unwavering dedication, a burning passion, and relentless diligence.

Although he’s just at the threshold of his career, TOMiGOTTi is not resting on his laurels. With every passing day, he is moving one step closer to his aspirations. He demonstrate steady advancement on his path. His journey may be in its nascent stages, but the pace he’s setting and the progress he’s making are signs of the promise his future holds.

We were captivated by his dance-pop single, “Midnight,” which we’ve added to our Music Non-Stop radio playlist as well.

Photo and credits: TOMiGOTTi official website

Written by: Bla Bla Radio

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