The Late Night Walk

Presented by Flav Gabry

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Monday 05:00 06:00
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The Late Night Walk is a mesmerizing radio show that explores the depths of techno, deep house, and ambient music. This show is perfect for anyone looking for a captivating soundtrack to their late-night adventures or meditation sessions. The show is hosted by a knowledgeable and passionate DJ who carefully curates each episode’s playlist, featuring the latest and greatest tracks that will take listeners on a journey of sonic exploration.

Listeners can expect to hear a mix of techno, deep house, and ambient tracks, all blended together seamlessly to create a hypnotic and immersive listening experience. From the driving beats of techno to the dreamy atmospheres of ambient music, The Late Night Walk delivers an intoxicating mix of sounds that will transport listeners to a world of sonic bliss.

Whether you’re winding down after a long day or exploring the city at night, The Late Night Walk is the perfect companion. With its captivating blend of techno, deep house, and ambient tracks, this show is sure to leave listeners feeling inspired and energized. So tune in and join The Late Night Walk for a journey through the sounds of the night!

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