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Rise Above with ToneStone and NEYXT

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Rise Above with ToneStone and NEYXT – For over four decades, Swiss composers and producers Andreas Steiner and Michel Luginbuehl, also known as ToneStone & NEYXT have been making waves in the diverse world of contemporary music across multiple genres. In early 2020, they decided to join forces, leveraging their combined talents and resources to create a musical experience that surpasses all expectations.

Rise Above With ToneStone and NEYXT – an irresistibly catchy pop tune

Their first single Rise Above showcases the vocal prowess of Canadian singer Christopher Connelly and delivers an irresistibly catchy pop tune. Upon listening, audiences are captivated and find themselves yearning to play the song on loop. The track weaves together harmonious melodies and arpeggios.  It brings unique sounds, providing a distinct and unparalleled listening experience.

A vibrant and spirited atmosphere

With its exhilarating and lively rhythm, “Rise Above” beckons its audience to sway to its beat, casting off their worries and immersing themselves in pure bliss. The track radiates an essence that breathes life into the summer season, infusing it with a dynamic and lively ambiance. It’s not just a song. It’s a resonant call to action. A melodic invitation for listeners to free their spirits in a joyful dance. As it echoes through the air, “Rise Above” is a vibrant symphony of light-heartedness. Encapsulates the spirited nature of the season. You can listen this song on Bla Bla Radio this summer, make yourself comfortable.

Rise Above with ToneStone and NEYXT

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