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After her ground-breaking performance at Coachella, up-and-coming Arab vocalist Elyanna is back with her shiny new track “Mama Eh,” along with its accompanying music video now available for viewing.

At just 21 years old, this Palestinian-Chilean songstress etched her name in history books as the first performer to deliver an entirely Arabic set at Coachella. With her powerful voice, progressive beats, and blend of cultural sounds, she breathed fresh energy and resonance into the Gobi Tent. As a pioneering figure in the global rise of Arabic music, Elyanna has also earned a spot in Rolling Stone’s “Best New Rising Artists.”

Elyanna is back

“Mama Eh” is a dreamy yet energetic track, blending Arabic verses with an irresistibly catchy chorus that appeals to all. Director Iris Kim masterfully interprets Elyanna’s concept, creating mesmerizing visuals filled with meticulous details, featuring the artist on a motorcycle and dancing under the glow of a flame. From the Arabic script beneath her eye to her trademark Elyanna hoops, the ascending star fully embraces and confidently showcases her artistic identity.

Hidden hints and an overarching theme of love

“‘Mama Eh’ holds immense personal and artistic significance for me,” Elyanna expressed. “It integrates Middle Eastern musical elements with a lively urban influence, coupled with emblematic visuals of the bandana, Elyanna hoops, and a music video that delves deeper into the song’s narrative. It’s a track that reveals more with every listen, containing numerous hidden hints and an overarching theme of love and artistry through the classic expression ‘Mama Eh?'”

Elyanna, as one of the inaugural artists to sign with Universal Arabic Music, debuted her second EP, Elyanna 2, in 2022. Earlier this year, she unexpectedly released “Sokkar,” a seamlessly rhythmic track that has already garnered over a million streams on Spotify. Beyond her collaborations with Tunisian rapper Balti and Lebanese-Canadian vocalist Massari, Elyanna has also teamed up with Lana Del Rey and her sister Chuck Grant. The latter pair contributed to the styling and direction of the music video for “Al Kawn Janni Maak,” respectively.

Get ready for new music

While Elyanna hasn’t divulged specifics about her forthcoming venture, she continues to hint at new music slated for 2023. Alongside the launch of “Mama Eh,” she also revealed her headline show at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, scheduled for August 14th.

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