DJ Dark

DJ Dark


When music becomes a part of someone’s life, the entire existence aligns with the sounds of the mind and soul. The passion for music is not something that can be controlled. It emanates from within. From the most hidden and sensitive places, and surges to the surface. Reaching the ears prepared to listen and ready to transform bodies into waves of hallucinatory vibrations.

The Love For Music Made Nothing Impossible

From a young age he was passionate about the art of music. Dj Dark, also known as Saszet Balint, started his DJ career in 2003 at the tender age of 14. The launchpad was challenging, but the love for music made nothing impossible. In 2008, Dj Dark ventured into music production in collaboration with various singers. The year 2010 was a prosperous one. It was his entry into the music world through a collaboration. With Sonny Flame for “Jump up,” a track whose music video was filmed by Iulian Moga.

During this year, Dj Dark joined the Vibe FM team, where he was active for 2 years before moving to Radio 21 in Romania, where he continues his work to this day. Dj Dark gained fame primarily through hard work and strong passion, and later due to his involvement in weekly radio sets, becoming one of the most well-known and appreciated remixers in Romania.

Celebrity, Satisfaction And Fulfilment

He has remixed songs from international artists such as Rihanna, Adele, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Pitbull, as well as Romanian artists like Carla’s Dreams, Andreea Banica, Liviu Hodor, Antonia, Nick Kamarera, bringing him celebrity, satisfaction, and fulfilment in his career. In terms of singles, Dj Dark has enjoyed appreciation and success, collaborating in 2011 with Phelipe and Shidance.

As an artist at Cat Music, a fixture at every Liberty Parade edition since 2010, participating in events across the country and beyond, including Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, Albania, Germany, and London, Dj Dark has accumulated vast experience in electronic music. In a very short time, he managed to captivate the audience with his personal productions, as well as his talent and passion for DJing.

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