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Coito Music Show

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary world of the Coito Music Show, presented by the renowned DJ and producer, Alexandre RPM. With a staggering three decades of experience in the dynamic realms of both national and international electronic music, Alexandre has become an influential force in shaping the contemporary soundscape. Based in Martos - Jaén since 2011, Alexandre has not only established himself as a […]

With over 30 years of experience as a DJ and producer spanning both national and international territories, Alexandre RPM has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. His signature sessions seamlessly blend a retro touch with contemporary electronics, featuring genres such as Nu Disco, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno. Currently based in Martos – Jaén since 2011, Alexandre has solidified his residency in the most esteemed venues in Tenerife.

Alexandre’s Mixes Have Graced The Airwaves

Widely recognized, Alexandre’s mixes have graced the airwaves of renowned stations like “Máxima FM” nationally and Capsula Di “Canarias.” Notably, he took center stage each night, closing the inaugural Arenal Sound Festival in Burriana Castellon, Spain’s largest electronic music festival. His stage presence has also seen him share the DJ booth with luminaries such as Armin Van Buuren, Wally Lopez, Roger Sanchez, Mamy Rock, Luis Lopez, Juan Magán, and many more.

Beyond the DJ booth, Alexandre’s productions resonate across premier digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon MP3. Among his notable works is the only official remix of “El Tiburón” from Project One and the captivating “Piano Merengue” by Damirón, a co-production with JM Martin. In 2009, Alexandre took a significant leap by establishing his record label, “Planet Vinyl Records,” a platform that currently oversees music events and releases.

NoSyncYesMix – Alexandre’s Well-Known Hashtag

At the heart of his sonic identity is “Coito Music,” a deep house variant characterized by low RPM (BPM), melodic sounds, and emotionally charged vocals. This distinctive style gained recognition as a radio program broadcast from Moldova and England in 2017 under the name “Radio Dancebandada.” Emblematic of his live mixing approach, Alexandre’s well-known hashtag #NoSyncYesMix highlights the authenticity of his mixes, creating novel sounds through live mashups of disparate tracks.

To delve deeper into Alexandre RPM – Planeta Vinyl’s world, explore their social networks here. Besides his musical endeavours, Alexandre has ventured into entrepreneurship, currently owning and steering brands such as Eventos Planeta, RPM DJ’s Academy, and Chuches Electrónicas—the latter emerging as a specialized store in the global #DJing sector.

In 2017, Alexandre RPM was gearing up for a mix session on Radio Dancebandada, which has since been rebranded as Bla Bla Radio.


Alexandre RPM is now presenting his Coito Music Show on Bla Bla Radio, reconnecting with Flav Gabry and reviving their collaboration from 2015 on Radio Dancebandada. Tune in and experience a phenomenal 1-hour mix every Saturday night from 10 PM to 11 PM London time!

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