High-Voltage Techno with ‘Music Is The Answer’

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High-Voltage Techno means that the ‘Music Is The Answer’. And Reinier Zonneveld, a prominent figure in the Dutch techno scene, has given a preview of his upcoming album with this stunning single, ‘Music Is The Answer’.

This single offers a glimpse into Zonneveld’s fourth full album, which is due to be released later this year. ‘Music Is The Answer’ has already become a regular part of his live performances over the past two years.

High-Voltage Techno with ‘Music Is The Answer’ – watch video bellow!

‘Music Is The Answer’ exudes a vibe reminiscent of the 90s, delivering a robust piece of vocal techno highlighted by pulsating off-beat basslines, compelling drum rhythms, and raw acid elements that serve as a contrast to the harmonious vocals.

The breakdown of the track delves into trance sounds, leading up to a chorus filled with enigmatic pads and ethereal 303s.

“Every track in this album is fresh and a majority of the inspiration came to me while travelling, and occasionally even during a performance,” Zonneveld provides insight about his upcoming album. “The tracks are varied, but they all fit into the techno genre, making them equally enjoyable at home or at a lively festival or club.”

High-Voltage Techno with ‘Music Is The Answer’

The forthcoming album brings to mind Zonneveld’s early days of crafting classical music, with his innovative usage of samplers and analogue synthesizers during his technical live performances. This album demonstrates Zonneveld’s technical prowess, providing an electrifying yet musically rich experience for both live audience and home listeners.

Zonneveld describes the album as a fusion of melody and high-energy music, stating, “The album is indeed techno, but filled with a lot of energy. The themes, production, and sound design are a significant improvement from my previous work. I’m thrilled with the results of my attempt to communicate emotions through dancefloor-friendly techno.”

“The energy that I sense from the audience during my performances greatly influenced this album, and that same energy resonates within the tracks,” he continued. “I believe this is my best album yet, and I’m eager to share it with my fans.”

Source: Mixmag / Photo: Cloud 9 Music

Written by: Bla Bla Radio

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