Helena Hauff Assumes Control of the Newest Fabric Presents Mix

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Fabric Presents is back, and this time, the talented Helena Hauff assumes control of the newest Fabric presents mix. She’s steering the ship into uncharted sonic waters.

What’s the aim of this latest instalment ? To bridge the gap between the wistful nostalgia of a bygone era and the soundscape of tomorrow. This musical journey melds dystopian undertones with intoxicating, euphoric dancefloor beats. Obviously, aiming to create an immersive experience that raise all the senses.

Weaves Through A Tapestry Of Raw

Kicking things off is an exclusive track by Hauff herself, titled ‘Turn Your Sights Inward.’ The name of the track is just as thought-provoking as its wild landscape. This punchy number weaves through a tapestry of raw, gritty elements while maintaining a playful and unyielding groove.

The mix itself spans a duration of 77 minutes, comprising a total of 19 tracks that delve into the realms of electro, breakbeat, techno, and squelching acid. The lineup includes exceptional artists like IMOGEN, Nite Fleit, YTP, and many more. It even pays homage to classics like Radioactive Man’s ‘Night Bus To Nowhere‘ and, for the first time in digital format, Autechre‘s remix of D-Breeze‘s ‘Crazy For Love.’

But Helena Hauff doesn’t stop there. She also unveils hidden, unreleased gems like ‘Alter Simus’ by Magda Rot.

I Found Solace In Darkness

Speaking about ‘Alter Simus,’ the artist herself sheds some light on its creation, saying, “With ‘Alter Simus,’ I found solace in darkness. I was naturally drawn to the distinctive sound of the 303 bassline, which is where it all began for me. It’s the result of finding comfort in times of isolation after months of being away from the dancefloor.”

In Helena Hauff‘s capable hands, Fabric Presents takes listeners on a journey through time and sound, crafting a unique and immersive musical experience that is not to be missed.


Credits: photo & source MixMag

Written by: Bla Bla Radio

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