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Fred again.., the original British songwriter and producer, recently made an exception to NPR’s rule against electronic artists performing in their Tiny Desk Concert series. The result was a delightfully emotive performance that saw Fred translate his hits, such as “Kyle (I Found You)” and “Delilah (Pull Me Out of This),” to the intimate and unique setting of the Tiny Desk.

In order to make the performance work, Fred had to rethink his usual performance style and teach himself to play the marimba, as well as creating a few live loops. He even incorporated a smaller version of the iPhone-shaped screen he uses in his live shows to teleport collaborators into the room with him. Despite the challenge of translating electronic music to a live, stripped-back performance, Fred delivered a tight and often beautiful performance that showcased his versatility and musicality.

According to Tiny Desk staffer Teresa Xie, Fred’s performance is a testament to the best aspects of the Tiny Desk series. By challenging himself to create something new and unique, Fred reminded viewers of the series’ potential to bring out the best in artists. His willingness to learn new instruments and incorporate different elements into his performance shows his dedication to creating an authentic and memorable experience for his fans.

Overall, Fred’s Tiny Desk Concert serves as a reminder of the power of live performance to challenge and inspire artists. By embracing the limitations of the Tiny Desk format, Fred was able to create a performance that was both true to his artistic vision and a testament to his creativity and musicianship. You can watch Fred Again’s Tiny Desk concert below:


Written by: Bla Bla Radio

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