Beatfusion‘s KlickerKlacker

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Friday 19:00 20:00

The truth is, you never know what surprises await you on this weekly radio show. Beatfusion’s KlickerKlacker is the kind of musical experience you’ll eagerly anticipate every Friday night at 7 PM BST (8 PM CET). It’s all about music, positive vibes, and well-being, with the promise that Beatfusion will spin their impressive vinyl collection to create an energetic dance atmosphere. For each episode, Flav Gabry will craft an opening intro that will get your energy soaring.

Beatfusion’s KlickerKlacker

This show is a breath of fresh air and was born right after Beatfusion rediscovered the rebranded Bla Bla Radio, previously known as Dancebandada until 2016, a period during which the guys teamed up with Flav for some radio shows. We all know that one of the main keys to success as an artist is collaboration. When you can pour your heart and expertise into your musical endeavours, it’s then that you find yourself motivated and laser-focused. This is why this radio show stands out, and you’ll discover it for yourself through your own ears.

A Memorable Event – A Magical Experience

In other words, you’ll never predict what’s coming next, as they let their feelings and musical choices guide the way, creating a magical experience. Prepare for each show to be a memorable event, and if you enjoy it, don’t hesitate to bookmark this radio show and make it the perfect start to your musical weekend.

Beatfusion‘s KlickerKlacker crew

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