Jenny Karol

Jenny Karol


Jenny Karol: Trance Music Expert and Visionary Entrepreneur

Jenny Karol is a highly skilled DJ and a passionate advocate for the Trance music genre. CEO and founder of the digital music label AVIVMedia, she has dedicated her career to uplifting and promoting the best Trance music from around the world. Her commitment to the industry is further showcased through her engaging and high-energy radio show, “ReBirth.The Future Is Now!

Jenny’s talent for curating exceptional Trance music sets her apart from the rest. With an ear for the most remarkable tracks from both established and emerging Trance artists, she delivers captivating and unforgettable listening experiences. Her expertise and dedication to the genre have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her recent collaboration with Raz Nitzan Music for a guest mix.

As a programmer and DJ for “ReBirth.The Future Is Now!“, Jenny has demonstrated her ability to connect with listeners and convey her love for Trance music. Her unwavering commitment to supporting and showcasing the genre’s finest talents has made her a respected figure in the world of EDM.

In addition to her work as a DJ and radio show host, Jenny continues to lead AVIVMedia in its mission to provide a platform for Trance music creators to share their work with the world. Her vision, determination, and passion for the genre have undoubtedly contributed to her success. And will continue to inspire the Trance music community for years to come.

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