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Breaka's Refreshing Wave: 'Like Water


Breaka’s Refreshing Wave: ‘Like Water’ EP is out!

On June 2, Breaka, the famed producer and DJ, unveiled his much-anticipated EP titled 'Like Water'.  Breaka's Refreshing Wave: 'Like Water' EP is out! This release marks his inaugural self-release of 2023, distributed through his personal brand, Breaka Recordings. The EP encapsulates his unique, avant-garde club sound, delivering it in two distinctive tracks. 'Like Water to a Fish', the opening track, transitions seamlessly into the second, 'Lime Bike Elf Bar'. […]

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Dannii Minogue Drops New Song, Supports LGBTQ+ Charity

Dannii Minogue drops new song called We Could Be The One. The song is now the theme song from her BBC Three dating show I Kissed A Boy. The anthemic banger is Dannii’s first new song in six years, though she did release All I Wanna Do 2020. This one was a reworked version of her classic 1997 hit All I Wanna Do, three years ago. We Could Be The […]

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Kito's AI-Made Track: Grimes' Voice Echoes in 'Cold Touch

Electronic music

Kito’s AI-Made Track: Grimes’ Voice Echoes in ‘Cold Touch

Kito's AI-Made Track: Grimes' Voice Echoes in 'Cold Touch. Australian-born, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Kito recently utilized Grimes' Elf.Tech software. He managed to imitate her voice for a new demo titled 'Cold Touch', marking Grimes' inaugural official AI release. The demo was teased on Kito's various social media platforms last week. Grimes herself lauded it as a "masterpiece." The demo was also met with a surge of positive  feedback […]

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The Weeknd


The Weeknd will drop a final salute

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, popularly known as The Weeknd will drop his final salute. He has unveiled plans to put an end to his current music character - The Weeknd - and embark on a new musical journey. In a discussion with W Magazine, ahead of the anticipated premiere of the contentious HBO series The Idol starring Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp, the duo shared insights about their on and off-screen personalities. […]

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Electronic music

Rising Star Lyon Amor Brave’s Electrifying Anthem: Schizo

Are you ready to get your party on? Lyon Amor Brave is back with a brand new track that is sure to get your heart racing and your feet moving! Her latest release, "Schizo," is an electrifying EDM hit that combines Lyon's signature style with an important message about mental health and drug use. With infectious beats and a pulsing rhythm, "Schizo" will have you dancing all night long. But […]

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Electronic music

ILLENIUM takes position against drugs

ILLENIUM takes position against drugs, as he gears up for the release of his eponymous fifth album. In collaboration with End Overdose, a nonprofit recognized as one of's top industry leaders in 2022, the 32-year-old artist plans to educate fans during his upcoming tour on recognizing overdose signs and administering Naloxone, an opiate overdose reversal treatment. The artist emerged from the harrowing clutches of a heroin overdose in 2012. […]

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TOMiGOTTi: The Triumphant Return of a Dance Music Visionary

Rising Italian-born musician and producer, TOMiGOTTi have the triumphant return of a dance music visionary. He's making waves from his Innsbruck, Austria base. Hailing from Bolzano/Bozen in South Tyrol, he first discovered his love for electronic music at the age of 13. During a period when Italian-Dance music was topping the charts, he initially made a name for himself as "DJ Tom," a sought-after special guest performing at clubs and […]

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Jelle Van Dael

Electronic music

Jelle Van Dael: Belgium’s Dance Music Dynamo Unleashing Electrifying Performances

Introducing Belgium's brightest star, Jelle Van Dael, unleashing electrifying performances and force to be reckoned with in the world of dance music. With a 12-year reign in the industry, she has garnered global acclaim through her involvement in Lasgo. The award-winning project that has entertained hundreds of thousands of people. She is a versatile artist with a wealth of experience and an infectious, high-energy presence. Van Dael never fails to […]

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ToneStone NEYXT

Electronic music

Rise Above with ToneStone and NEYXT

Rise Above with ToneStone and NEYXT - For over four decades, Swiss composers and producers Andreas Steiner and Michel Luginbuehl, also known as ToneStone & NEYXT have been making waves in the diverse world of contemporary music across multiple genres. In early 2020, they decided to join forces, leveraging their combined talents and resources to create a musical experience that surpasses all expectations. Rise Above With ToneStone and NEYXT - […]

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