Spillin’ Dropz EDM Radio Show ep. 1

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    Spillin' Dropz EDM Radio Show Flav Gabry


Spillin’ Dropz EDM Radio Show – Experience an electrifying journey through the pulse of the best EDM music every week. Tune in for your weekly excitement overdose, featuring exclusive tracks and the freshest beats in the EDM scene.

An amazing opening track this week

Kicking off this week’s Spillin’ Dropz EDM Radio Show is none other than Tzusing, with 孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless), our first track this week opening our noisy encounter. Up next, we have Oomloud and Robin Aristo taking us… “In The House“. The atmosphere is certainly building up, and we can expect the energy and emotions to intensify even more. Up next, we have Layton Giordani’sLife Moves Fast“, followed by an exceptional rendition of “Das Boot“, where U96 receives a fresh makeover from D72. But first, let’s dive into BLR‘s captivating track, “Guru”! Are you still with us? Great, because you can find the Space 92‘s captivating track “Cooper” on deck as well this week, followed by the unmistakable Jay Lumen delivering “Spacewalk”.

Two phenomenal Italian-style techno

I recently discovered two phenomenal Italian-style techno tracks that I simply couldn’t keep to myself. The energy and intensity they bring, combined with their emotional depth, make them irresistible. So, I’ve decided to feature these tracks on this week’s radio show. Let’s dive into Anfisa Letyago‘s “Rosso Profondo“, followed by Deborah de Luca, Mauro Pilato, and Max Monti‘s incredible 2023 reimagined version of “Gam Gam”.

Final track: Avira – DNA

Up next, we have FJAAK‘s “Plan of Escape“, followed by Tzusing’s unique track “Residual Stress” (here’s hoping our radio show helps you let go of any lingering stress), and then, Alan Fitzpatrick & Reset Robot team up for “Space Dust”. And the final track of this episode: Avira with “DNA.”

I’m Flav Gabry, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for joining us and for your ongoing support. Stay tuned for another fantastic weekly episode of Spillin’ Dropz EDM Radio Show!


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